• Photo by Megan Jerrad / Visit Faroe Islands



120 cm wide X 210 cm high (Your poster can be smaller but must not exceed these dimensions!) 



• All Poster Exhibits must be in English 

• Organise your poster as follows: Introduction – methods & results - conclusion - references 

• Keep all elements of your poster (pictures, tables, graphics, drawings, photos) simple. 

• Remember that the visitor must be able to read the text from a distance of up to 1,5 m. 

• Make sure that the poster speaks for itself and does not require extensive explanations. 

• Plan your layout in such a way that the viewer can move her/his eyes from left to right and from top to bottom with appropriate breaks. 

• Try to prepare a poster in one part - if constructed with many parts make sure to know the order. 



Headings featuring presentation number, title and authors must be prepared in (minimum) font size 24 by the author. 



All posters that have not been removed by 17:00 hrs on the day of your Poster Session will have to be destroyed. The onsite staff are not responsible for packing, removing or shipping your poster. If you must leave before your dismantling time, please designate a colleague to be responsible for removing your poster. 



The Conference venue is not responsible for any loss or damage of your Poster or can be held liable for injuries to persons or damage to property owned by the Poster Presenter. The Conference venue is free from all liabilities which may arise from the poster presenter’s participation in the Conference and its activities.